How to Join Us

We receive members into our family in the following ways:

By Profession of Faith

You may come confessing your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Your baptism will be scheduled as soon as possible.

By Transfer of Letter

You may become a member of our church by letter if you are presently a member of another Southern Baptist church. Simply state that when you come forward during the invitation.

By Statement of Faith

If you have previously been a member of a Baptist church but you are presently a member of another denomination, or if you have been immersed in another church, you may become a part of us by a statement of your faith.

By Baptism from Another Denomination

If you are a Christian coming from another denomination but have not been immersed, you may come for baptism into our church. (This is in no way intended to question your prior Christian commitment, but is meant as a symbol of your identification with our church’s beliefs and practice.)

To Join Western Heights

Present yourself for membership by coming forward during the invitation time of a regular worship service to share your desire with the pastor. We have counselors who will talk with you and complete a membership card.

Attend Membership Class

Adults who join the church are expected to attend the class before membership is officially approved by the church.